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YC-Miracle's DIY heating glove system is design to customize your own heating glove, with 3 simple steps, you can make your heating glove with your favorite apperance and remarkable heating function. Also EZ hot glove can be used alone, with fleece material, EZ hot glove provide you comfortable and felxible experience.

The heating elements are situated in the scale of 7:3. It takes approx. 3 minutes to heat up to the preferred temperate. The heating gloves are designed in the way makes customers feel soft and comfortable. Combining two advantage, costumers will be able to keep warm in light and comfort way.


  1. The heating system

    The heat is generated from 4 fingers with minimum 37 degree to maximum 62 degree depending on the own preference temperature settings. The settings are operating at 3 levels to suit different purposes. In addition, Hot miracle heating systems are water resistant and are safe to use.

  2. Inner design

    To increase the comfort of the gloves, YC-Miracle uses Fleece material as the inner layers. The current design of gloves has a dual function. The simple function is for general keep-warm purposes, whereas the advanced function is for special activities such as mountain climbing or skiing for example. The advanced function contains a heating element pocket which is located in a 2-3cm to the back of the hand area. The pocket allows customers to place the heating elements in it, according to their preference and to use as super heating gloves for other purposes.

  3. Glove batteries

    We use the Li-ion rechargeable batteries for the heated gloves to make durable products. The design of the battery is unique and handy as the battery can be hidden under the small pocket of the gloves, which makes the design modern and smart. As the batteries are very light, the user will not notice their presence and can easily conduct their activities without feeling encumbered.

Inner Glove Model No.:

EZ HOT-M(7 ~ 8)

EZ HOT-L(8.5 ~ 9)

EZ HOT-XL(9.5 ~ 10)

  • Fleece material
weight: 15 g (pair)
Digital Heating Model
Compact Heating Model
Heating model :

DEZ-2280(size 9 ~ 10)

DEZ-2207(size 7 ~ 8.5)

Heating model:

CEZ-7080(size 9. ~ 10)

CEZ-7007(size 7. ~ 8.5)

Substrate: 0.08 FILM Substrate: 0.08 FILM
Heating element:
  • Super conductive element
Heating element:
  • Super conductive element
Input Voltage: 3.0 DCV Input Voltage: 3.0 DCV
Power: 4.3±0.4 W Power: 2.2±0.4 W
Base substrate: 0.032 FILM Base substrate: 0.032 FILM
Battery model: NTA2433(digital) Battery model: NTA2457(compact)
Type: Li-on Type: Li-on
Battery Life:
  • 36 C°-41 C°->6hrs±15%
  • 41 C°-48 C°->4hrs±15%
  • 55 C°-61 C°->2hrs±15%
Battery Life:
40 C°-50 C°->4hrs±15%
Capacity: 1800mAh Capacity: 1800mAh
Input: DC 3.7 V Input: DC 3.7 V
Weight: 60 ± 2 g (each) Weight: 60 ± 2 g (each)
Charger model: US Adaptor D-HLC-US35105-01
EU Adaptor D-HLC-EU35105-02
UK Adaptor D-HLC-UK35105-03
Input: 100V-240VAC 1AMP
Output: DC 4.2 V
Weight: 130 ± 5 g (each)
Box size: 175x120x20h mm
weight: 10g
Warrenty: 6 months for battery
Content: Glove x2, Heating element x2

*Digital Heating element only suit with digital battery, don't use with compact battery.

Environmentally friendly products

All products are CE Certified and ROHS Compliant

EZ Hot EZ Hot EZ Hot EZ Hot
EZ Hot
With battery
EZ Hot
EZ Hot EZ Hot EZ Hot EZ Hot
EZ Hot
reverse view
element pocket

Product information and user guide:

user guide user guide
Digital model Compact model